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"You only have one body, nurture yours."

I’m Sophie Nazareth and I set up Your Bodhi after exploring more natural ways to support my health. 

I’ve suffered from Ulcerative Colitis (an auto-immune bowel disease) for over ten years and experienced regular flare ups, which left me on long term medication. My condition negatively impacted every aspect of my life. I was always looking for new ways to manage my condition and improve my health and wellbeing - I am grateful that I have managed to find a diet and supplements that mean I am now less reliant on medication. That said, this is a journey! 

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Founder image

I only sell products I take myself and have helped me. There are a lot of supplements out there which make it confusing and hard to understand the market. Your Bodhi not only uses the highest quality and strength ingredients but we also keep things simple.

I chose the name Your Bodhi, not just as play on words, but because Bodhi is the Sanskrit name meaning supreme knowledge or enlightenment. I want to help you choose and understand what you put in your body, so you can be the best and healthiest version of yourself.#yourbodhi

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