Our new biodegradable bottles

Let us introduce you to Your Bodhi’s new, biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable bottles!

Although it’s obvious that systemic change is needed to reduce the amount of plastic used globally, it’s a great step in the right direction when businesses and individuals try to reduce the amount they use. That’s why Your Bodhi is thrilled to announce that we have filled our last plastic bottle and are now making the shift to biodegradable packaging!

At Your Bodhi we have always held ourselves to a high standard, whether it’s having one of the highest purity of curcumin in the market, or packing as much into one small capsule as possible, it’s the same ethos that has led us to make the switch to biodegradable and compostable bottles.

Our bottles and lids are 100% biodegradable plasticOur bottles and lids are 100% biodegradable plastic
Our bottles and lids are 100% biodegradable plastic

What our new biodegradable bottles bring to the table:

1. The bottles we will now be using at Your Bodhi are made out of sugar cane and are vegetal, or plant-based, in origin. The sugar used in our new packaging comes from sugar cane that’s produced in south Asian countries, and is not only better for the environment but also helps to stabilise and maintain sugar prices for the farmers.

2. The sugar product is extracted from the sugar cane, as is ethanol. What’s left is bagasse, like the pulp, which goes on to become our bottles. Whatever that’s left over can be used as biofuel, and provides energy for the whole process, as well as the surrounding towns and cities where the bottles are made. This is not the only thing beneficial to the environment, as the carbon footprint of the new bottles is around 75% lower than an average bottle.

It’s a no brainer for us.

How do I dispose of a compostable bottle?

When the bottle is in the presence of living organisms and within environmental conditions, (i.e. CO2, water, compost) it will breakdown and completely transform into natural elements.This means that on the shelf, the packaging remains the same, but when it is exposed to high temperatures, humidity, and microorganisms, the packaging will begin to biodegrade. When put in compost, 90% of the bottle will have broken down after 6 months!

It’s important to note that although the bottle itself is no longer plastic, our labels unfortunately still are. So it’s important to make sure you remove them, by peeling it off before you put the bottle in the compost bin.

So - do I need a compost bin? Or can it go in the recycling?

Sugar cane might sound like a wonder product, but it’s not a quick fix yet. Never place compostable plastic into the recycling with other plastics. This bottle is designed to break down, so it cannot be recycled and it would actually contaminate recyclable plastics.

You can put our bottles into your compost at home, where it will break down. If you don’t have a compost bin, perhaps now is the time to start! You can order compost bins from your local council and all you can order compostable bags in many eco shops. Alternatively, you can also check your green waste collection services offered by your local council. If the packaging is sent to landfill, it will break down over time (much quicker than plastic which will take hundreds of years), but much slower than it would in a composter. It’s not the perfect solution but, it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Get Composting will link you to your local authorities, and provide lots of helpful information for the first time composter. Get informed and start doing your part in helping our environment!

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