6 easy steps to help you start listening to your body

Listening to your body is often the best way to work out what you need. This works in regards to rest, exercise, diet, and supplements. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent to what we need, something that has come from 200,000 years of evolution and fine tuning. It’s nice to know that you can trust yourself!

However, in these unprecidented times, trading fast paced living to sudden lock-down, it can be hard to keep track of everything going on in day to day life, let alone taking stock of what your body might be deficient in. It’s funny though, because our health - both physical and mental - should be our first priority.

Begin focusing-in: 6 easy steps to help you start listening to your body today

Fortunately, Your Bodhi has done the research!

Here are our quick and easy steps to focus-in on what you need right now:

1. Keep it simple!

Although starting a new lifestyle habit takes awareness and attentiveness, avoid unnecessary stress and burnout by not overcomplicating things. Try check-in with yourself every day - maybe once in the morning to begin.

2. Remind yourself.

It’s so easy to forget your intentions, so train yourself by leaving an object somewhere it wouldn’t normally be. For example, taking your toothbrush to your bedroom at night will act as a memory trigger in the morning.

3. Ask yourself basic questions to begin with.

Are you tired? How did you sleep? Does anything hurt? Are you hungry?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can begin to explore your feelings further. What do I feel like eating for breakfast? What do I really feel like? It serves as a small guided meditation to start your day, and will result in continued mindfulness throughout the day.

4. Be kind to yourself.

Trust your body to tell you what you need each day and try to take away negative feelings about foods you might want, or the rest you might need.

5. By listening to your body intuitively you will begin to fall into a routine.

This is important in order for you to work out what supplements might help. Try to consider what you might have missed in the past - maybe your skin has consistently been dry, or your eczema has been flaring up. Then it might be time to consider a supplement such as Curcumin and piperine as it can reduce skin inflammation.

6. Finally - Trust your gut! It’s packed with 500 million neurons and is smarter than we know. By listening to your body, trusting your gut, you will be able to work out what you need from supplements - certainly consider turmeric for IBS or gut health .

Consider your current self - what does your specific body need?

So, you’ve started listening to your body - Congratulations!! Connecting with yourself like this is no small task. But before you dive headfirst into buying supplements, there are a few final things to take into account :

  • Your age: different aged bodies, need different combinations of supplements. For example, if you are still growing you might take supplements to support that.

  • Your gender will affect what your body might need, for example, if you menstruate your body needs more iron than if you don’t. If you are trans this is a great resource for choosing what vitamins your body might need!

Finding the right brand of supplements for you

By thinking about your body and health in a mindful way, you will start to realise what supplements might benefit you. We recommend you speak to a health professional to help you understand what you need.

Similarly, ensure that the supplements you choose are of the highest quality - you get what you pay for! If you choose low-quality, cheap, supplements it’s unlikely that you will see the benefit. Instead it’s better, and more economical to spend more money for a higher quality product as there is a greater guarantee it is more effective.

Making informed choices - check the ingredient list before putting anything in your body!

That said, price is not always a good measure of quality. Look for high purity of ingredients - Your Bodhi’s Curcumin Tablets have the highest level of purity and 495mg of curcumin per capsule

It’s also worth checking if the supplements can be easily absorbed by our bodies, especially those taken orally. That’s why Your Bodhi’s turmeric capsules are curcumin with piperine (black pepper) with a greater bioavailability over turmeric.

Shop ethically and sustainably for a feel good factor: Change and improve the economy, your mood, and your health!

Look at the company’s webpage and social media feeds - they should have good customer reviews and information surrounding the product. It’s often best to go directly to smaller companies rather than sites like Amazon, if you want the best curcumin tablets in the UK, as the quality of the product can’t be guaranteed: sellers will sometimes change stock quality.

What’s more, today we vote with our wallets, so vote ethically and sustainably where you can. Buying from small local companies impacts our society in a positive way, giving back to the community and creating jobs which leads to upward economic growth.

Concluding thoughts from Your Bodhi - What is the takeaway?

Getting in tune with your body is no easy task, but the rewards you will reap from it will last a lifetime! Finding the right balance of supplements will improve your quality of life as well as allowing you regular opportunities to check in with yourself.

Finally, shopping ethically and sustainably is so important, plus it’s another thing to feel good about!

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