4 top tips for buying supplements

Let's be honest, there are a lot of supplements on the market, all claiming that they're the best quality product and are better than all the other products out there. Well that can't be the case...!
Everyone uses different descriptions, references and terms to explain their product so it can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing.
Here's 4 top tips on what to look out for when reviewing and comparing supplements:
1. Quantities
Quantities are usually measured in mg. You should carefully check the amount per capsule, not just the amount per serving size as this varies between brands. Some companies will have up to 4 capsules in a serving which can be confusing.
Curcumin capsule quantity can vary from 20mg to 500mg per capsule. Your Bodhi has 495mg per 1 capsule.
2. Purity
Purity is measured in %. Each product will have a different maximum purity. Find out what that is and compare with other products.
The maximum purity of curcumin is 95% but products range from 20-95%. Your Bodhi curcumin has 95% purity.

3. Ingredients
Some products will have lots of ingredients, so do some research to understand what they mean.
For curcumin, brands will talk about turmeric, curcumanoids and curcumin. Mind blown. Unless curcumin is clearly stated on the ingredients, then it is more likely to be just turmeric in the capsule. Many companies include the term 'from curcumanoids' in the ingredients, which is just turmeric.
4. Absorption
Some products need to be paired with other ingredients to increase absorption. A fancy word for how well something is absorbed by the human body is 'bio-availability'. For example, iron is best absorbed alongside Vitamin C.
Curcumin's bioavailability is improved when it's taken with an extract from black pepper called piperine. Many companies will state that they have 150x or 200x bioavailability. Be wary as companies should have substantial evidence and studies to back this up as it has to be scientifically proven.
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